Tesa 105, Venice Arsenal

Project for the recovery of the Tesa 105 building at the Fondamenta della Novissima, Venice Arsenale. Achieved The “Tesa 105” is located inside the broad system of factories in the ‘Novissima’ Docks at the Venice Arsenale. “Tesa 105” will represent the main access to the northern Arsenale through the area of the Casermette. The entrance [...]


Staff House

Project for the construction of new housing service for employees of Excelsior and Des Bains hotels in Venice Lido. Preliminary, general and detailed project. Achieved. The new Staff House at the Lido of Venice will host the service staff of the great Excelsior and Des Bains hotels and will also provide common areas, gardens and [...]

aree scoperte1-001

Arsenal Landscape design

(Italiano) 2012 – Venezia



Feasibility study, preliminary project. Achieved The project plans the recovery and expansion of the ex Nautical Club building at the Venice Lido in order to provide hotel acommodations. Within the building, the original central stairwell shaft and the exterior walls, characterised with a clean and clear formal simplicity, will be restored and maintained. In the [...]


“Canal al Pianto” Compound Restoration

Project Financing related to the design, construction and management of the new Jona pavillion for the SS. Giovanni e Paolo Hospital, as well as restauration and adjustment towards new functions for the Canal al Pianto complex. Preliminary project, general, detailed and constructive architectural design. In progress. By restoring the entire Canal al Pianto complex, the [...]


North Arsenal Restoration

Renovation of the historical buildings related to the intervention aimed at setting the production, management and maintenance activities of the “Mo.S.E System” in the north part of the Venice Arsenale. Preliminary and detailed project. In progress The Arsenal represented for centuries the fulcrum of both economic and civil history of Venice, as a place where [...]


Pertini neighborhood

Social Housing in via Pertini: 159 apartments of non conventional housing which one third is controlled rental. Preliminary project, general, detailed and constructive architectural design. In progress. The main objective of the project is to find a balance between urban density and sustainability. Although the dispersive housing typology of the Veneto region fosters the demand [...]


Housing at Savoldo st.

Architecture project for the industrial area Santoni in Savoldo street, housing. Preliminary project, general, detailed and constructive architectural design. Achieved. The project foresees the transformation of an area located just south of the Brescian railway station, originally occupied by the “Santoni” textile factory, into a new residential housing complex. Thinking about the surrounding urban context, [...]


Housing, commercial, and office complex at via Triumplina

Project planning for the minimum unit of intervention of the Norma Plan at Via Triumplina. Achieved The Master plan of the city of Brescia intends to provide a transport interchange between the future underground station, and the traffic coming from the areas outside the city, at this coverging point at Via Triumplina. The area features [...]


Open air museum at “Carso goriziano” Carso 2014+

The Museum and the embrausures. The existing building of the small Museum of San Michele is redesigned in the first phase of the project implementation by removing all internal and external decorations. The new museum, planned for the second phase, is placed on the hill of made land where currently there is a parking lot. [...]

TAV L-1 inquadramento

“Parque del Lago”

International competition “Parque del Lago a Quito (Ecuador)”. With Enrico Fontanari, Manuel Ruisanchez. Honorable Mention The competition called for the urban area redevelopment of the city airport, which will be moved to another location. The city of Quito stretches lengthwise and is surrounded by mountains. Worth noting, are the natural green areas that lie at [...]


Umberto I compound Competition

High residential and tertiary density project, while maintaining a prevalent architectural and environmental conservation. 1st place Masterplan adopted Work on the area of the former Hospital intends to define a central densely populated district of housing and offices located in the west of the city, while maintaining an area where both the architecture and the [...]

4 venaria

Royal House of Venaria Reale Exhibition

Royal House of Venaria Reale exhibition project: “Savoy, a dynasty in Europe” Preliminary project, general, detailed and constructive architectural design. Achieved The installation of the exhibition display system started in October 2005 and has affected most of the currently visitable areas of the Palace. The exhibition itself is very vast; it extends along an area [...]


Milan Trade Fair

New exposition area: Master Plan and design of external spaces and service buildings. Consultant engineer. Preliminary project, general, detailed and constructive architectural design. Achieved The project for the New Milan Fair stretches over approximately 70 hectares, 50 of which are covered. It is arranged lengthwise and placed along an east-west axis. It features a central [...]