GLASS architettura urbanistica srl deals with architectural, urban and landscape design; public space arrangement, settlement and planning; heritage restoration, with study and research activities in Italy and abroad.


Glass Architettura e Urbanistica srl was founded in 1995 with the objective of pursuing the quality of design in every aspect, paying particular attention to the relationship with the historical and urban context, to the aspects connected to environment and landscape, to sustainability and to the quality of living. The work follows the theoretical imprint developed by professor architect Giorgio Lombardi (1942-2006, founder) during his professional activity, university research and teaching experience. Glass’s design research is always aimed at the construction and feasibility of interventions in terms of technology and economy, through a strict control of times and costs at every stage of the project production process. Glass is an architecture firm active in all fields of design, from the Master Plan to the setting up, with a wide range of levels and typologies of intervention: the multidisciplinary orientation of its expertise guarantees flexibility and interpretation ability, and allows to propose aware design solutions. The firm is characterized with the knowledge and interpretation of complex issues such as the relationship with the urban tissue and the historical heritage, and by the capability of knowing how to intervene using a contemporary language. The synthesis among the restoration of works realized in the past, the reading of the present and the design of the future allows Glass to operate in both strategic and articulated contexts such as those connected to the re-use of degraded urban areas and obsolete buildings. The firm has realized many international projects with a particular presence in Latin America states.

Glass offers:

quality of design; adequate relationship with the context; efficiency and rigor in design processes; control of intervention costs and times; technological innovation; solutions aimed at energy control and sustainability.