“Living in Milan I”, Gallarate st.

International architecture competition “Living in Milan I, new urban spaces for social housing”.

Living in Milan I, Gallarate st.
5th place

The contest requirements oriented the proyect towards a simple morphologycal solution that consists on the sequence of 4 buildings (tower typology of 13 floors). This volumes have a separation between them of 100m and are protected from the intense traffic of the Gallarate street, by a batter of 3,5m high (covered by cobblestone at one side and whith a green surface on the other side).

Over this batter there is a path for pedestrians and bicycles. When the batter gets in relation with the volumes, it configure a series of planes in which diverse activities take place (such as passive and active recreation). Next to one of this towers, is located a building that holds the communal services and is defined by a small square related to other preexisten spaces of the Gallaratese neighborhood.

The floor plants of the towers are variable. They occupy a limited surface and rest over external plattforms that cover the underground parking. Each tower contains 27 housing units and the 6th floor is reserved for shared services and special housing units.

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