Ex Poliambulanza building

Former Hospital renovation. Transfomation into commercial and residential spaces.
Preliminary project, detailed plans.


The Poliambulanza building was constructed at Garibaldi square during the beginnings of the 900′s. Eventhough there have been made great changes and modifications, the building is a clear example of one that (after adittions and subtractions through time) has remained unerased. The building is subject to a monumental link regarding the external facades and the distribution system.

In the other hand, the project plans to transform its activities, providing mixed-uses. At the ground floor and a small portion of the first floor, commercial and service spaces have been reserved. In the contrary, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rth floor correspond to housing units with variable charateristics.

The tower will be restored, demolishing the overhanging balconies and recovering the existing concrete structure. In addition, a second facade with balconies will be made, being understood as a new continuous “skin” made of wood. With this changes, the building presents a compact body with a mutable aspect.

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