“Living in Milan I”, Ovada st.

International architecture competition “Living in Milan I, new urban spaces for social housing”.

Living in Milan I, Ovada st.
2nd place

The project is a clear response to three conditions exposed in the bases of the contest:
1. Popular housing at Ovada st.: Over an area of 260 meters per 35 meters, the project proposes a plate that contains: at the underground level, the parking zone; at ground level, a platform with green spaces, pedestrians paths and the base of four buildings that respect the Barona neighborhood’s tissue.
2. Typology: The tower typology selection was based on the understanding of the area as a morphological boundery. The four towers help reinforce, in a clear way, the neighborhood’s urban tissue limit. In adittion, the towers respond adequately to the surrounding buildings.
3. Services and the park: The project proposes a large platform that relates and creates a system with the sports and service zone. Moreover, pedonal paths help connect different points at Ovalda st. with the park.

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