New buildings Mose at the north Arsenal

Renovation of the historical docks and buildings related to the intervention aimed at setting the production, management and maintenance activities of the “Mo.S.E System” in the north part of the Venice Arsenale.
Preliminary and detailed project.

In progress

The new building for the mantainance of the Mose floodgates system at the Venice Arsenal constitutes a key element for the development of the entire area.

The built volume is located west to the largest dry dock and has a width of 54 meters and a length of about 140 meters. The new structure consists of two combined volumes made up of solid parallel partition walls in exposed brick and light, slightly pitched roof covering. The roof, completely covered by photovoltaic panels, has two non-symmetrical pitched layers that allow the passage of plant instalments from within the frame of the reticular trusses. Two control booths emerge from the roof structure, dividing the building and putting in evidence the different work compartments at the interior: metal, carpentry, hydro-blasting and paintwork.

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